5.2 Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS allows the router to reach a fixed hostname while having a dynamically changing IP address.

Dynamic DNS service binds a domain name to public IP on the router. Then you can access the router remotely from the DDNS domain name without discovering the IP address.

After accessing the router, go to "Services > Dynamic DNS." Modify the fields you need to change. Don't forget to check the "Enable" option! Click the "Save & Apply" button to execute new settings.

The DDNS function relies on a public IP address. Most of the 4G internet connection obtains a private IP address. Please get the public IP from the 4G carrier to activate the public port forwarding.

If the DDNS function is for accessing the 4G router remotely, please use the free Traversal Cloud function on the 4G router. Refer to step 5.3.

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