5.5 Web Port

Guidance of how to change the Web GUI interface port on the EZR34-012 router.

The internet operators usually block 80 ports used by the web interface of the EZR34-012 router. To access the EZR34-012 router remotely on the public IP address, we need to change the port for the web interface.

When the router is turned on, access the command-line interface. Input the below command vi /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf. Now we are in the command mode of the VI editor.

  • Press i on the keyboard to enter the insert mode.

  • Scroll down to line No.89. The original code is #server.port = 81.

  • Delete # and change the server port to 880 for example.

  • Press ESC on the keyboard. Exit from the insert mode to the command mode.

  • Press : wq on the keyboard to save the file and exit the SSH terminal.

Input the below command to restart Lighttpd server /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart.

######### Options that are good to be but not neccessary to be changed #######

## bind to port (default: 80)
server.port = 880

Now we should re-login the router admin at If the router has a public IP address, you can access the router at public-ip-address:880.

You can also use SFTP client software, like WinSCP, to edit the Lighttpd.conf file.

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