4.1 Login Router

Here is an introduction of how to log in EZR34-012 router's admin panel.

After connecting to PoE power (step 2.3.7), the EZR34-012 router will take 2~3 minutes to boot up. We can use a phone or computer to join its open WiFi hotspot "Outdoor-WiFi-xxx" or connect the computer to the Ethernet (step 2.3.8).

The -V4 WiFi hotspot is on 2.4GHz, and the -V5 hotspot is on 5.8GHz.

After connecting with Wi-Fi or Ethernet, open a web browser, enter the router IP šŸ”— on the address bar.

The default setting has no password. Click the "Login" button to access the router's admin panel.

If unable to access it, please check the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Make sure the phone or computer has turned on DHCP mode. If you use a static IP address, please refer to the guide in step 4.5.1.

On some computers, we need to clean the cache of the web browser.

The default URL prefix is http:// instead of https://.

The default Wi-Fi hotspot has no password. You can change the Wi-Fi SSID and encrypt it by referring to step 4.3.2.

The default router admin has no password either. You can change the router password by referring to step 4.2.

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