1.1 Package Contents

The package includes the below contents along with free 4G router firmware.

After receiving the package, please check if all of the below components are included in the box. Firstly, open the box from the openside.

Contents in the first layer of the black sponge 1 x EZR34 outdoor 4G router 2 x 4G LTE antennas 2 x 2.4G Wi-Fi antennas

Take out the router and antenna, and pull out the black sponge from the central rhombic hole. You will find the below items in the second layer of the black clamshell.

1 x L-shape bracket 1 x PoE Injector 1 x 10-meter LAN cable 2 x U-boots with holders 1 x T-shape wrench

Please keep the original package for a few weeks. You can also use the rugged 5-layer corrugated box to store the other devices.

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