3 Bracket & Mounting

Use the mounting kit to install the EZR34-012 router on a pole with diameter of Ø35~50mm.

3.1 Choose Location

Firstly, walk around with a mobile phone and check the network type and signal bars as step 2.2 described. Then choose a location with the best available signal reception.

Find a pole with a diameter of Ø35~50mm and in a vertical or horizontal direction. The pole is not included in the package.

3.2 L-Shape Bracket

Find the M6 standard cross-head screws or lose them from the backside of the enclosure. Use the cross end of the T-wrench to install the L-shape bracket on the backside of the enclosure.

There are multiple ways to fix the bracket on the enclosure. Make sure the longer side of the bracket is in the rectangular cross direction to the pole.

3.3 Install on A Pole

  1. Clasp the pole with the U-bolts and holders.

  2. Attach them on either side of the L-shape bracket.

  3. On another side of the bracket, put washers, spring washers, and hex nuts on U-bolts.

  4. Use an M10 spanner to turn the hex nut and tighten the bracket on the pole.

If you have doubts, please refer to the case studies to check where and how to install the router.

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