2.1 Insert A SIM Card

The EZR34-012 router uses a Nano SIM card to connect to mobile networks. The SIM card is not included with the router.

Use a Nano SIM card (12.3x8.8mm) on the 4G router. If it's a new SIM card, please follow the instruction from the mobile carrier to activate the SIM card.

Clean the SIM Card

If the 4G router cannot detect the SIM card or gets the error message "SIM card missing," firstly verify if the SIM card is inserted correctly. Secondly, please check if the SIM card is clean, especially on the golden contacts. If there is dust/dirt/oil on the SIM card, you can follow the tips to clean the SIM card.

Please always turn off the power while inserting or taking out the SIM card.

  1. Locate the SIM#1 slot in the top right corner.

  2. Hold the lid of the SIM card slot and slide left to open the lid.

  3. Put a Nano SIM card in the SIM card slot. There is only one correct way to settle the SIM card - the gold pins should be face down, and the notch should be on the top right corner.

  4. Cover the SIM lid and slide right to lock the lid.

i. Please use an unlocked and activated SIM card.

ii. Please put the SIM card in the upper SIM#1 slot. The lower SIM#2 slot is linked to another modem slot which is not activated yet.

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